Professional property management

If you’re looking to let a room (or more than one) but would rather not handle the management and maintenance yourself, we’re happy to do it for you. We can provide the following property management services, which we offer in a total package.

Technical management:

Quarterly inspection. In the inspection, we look at:

  • tenants’ cleaning of common areas
  • windows/frames, check of whether they are being kept clean
  • no bags of rubbish in corridor, always disposed of in the appropriate locations
  • corridors and hallways kept clear
  • letterboxes emptied, advertising and/or ‘undesired post’ disposed of

Quarterly meeting with tenant. This conversation is a chance for the tenant to raise any issues, and we look at whether any problems identified have been remedied within a clear and specific term.

Remedying technical problems and, in consultation with you as landlord, coordinating maintenance works. If the works are of a significant scale, repair/replacement will only commence after contact with and consent of landlords. In such cases we will present you with a proposal with price quote (if applicable). The landlord then chooses which party will carry out the work.

Meter readings (if necessary), inspection, and repairs (as required) of:

  • central heating and radiators
  • water pipes and taps
  • light fixtures
  • General safety facilities such as fire extinguishers, escape routes, and smoke detectors.

 Also: First-line response in the event of emergencies and faults.

Administrative management:

As from the start date of the lease, the rent payments will be transferred to the landlord before or on the first day of the month.

Handover with security deposit is included in our management.

Leases are drafted as from the start of the tenancy (rent determined in consultation with the landlord/property owner).

Annual rent indexation by governmental decree fixed in consultation with landlord.

Commercial management:

On the start date of the lease, photos are taken that upon the end of the lease will be compared with the state of handover.

If any problems with the unit are observed upon handover, the costs will be deducted from the security deposit.

If the unit is not handed over in an acceptable state, the relevant tenant (during the period in question) will be held liable.

Flexible management:

Making the acquaintance of the new residents.

Provision of telephone number for general contact and contact in event of emergency.

Provision of information on management and scheduling of appointments with tenant for regular management inspections.

Upon termination of the tenancy, a pre-inspection will be conducted and the report will be drafted with instructions for repairs to be carried out by the tenant before the end of the lease. At the end of the lease, final inspection will be conducted and a report drafted.

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