Pro Housing Rooms handles your rental

Renting out through Pro-Housing Rooms is possible in several ways. Would you like to keep control in your own hands, do you want to be sure that the mediation runs smoothly or would you rather outsource the entire process to us?

It is all up to you, we have several care packages to meet your expectations. If you would like to know more about our care packages and their specifications, we will be happy to provide you with our updated room rental brochure.

1. Pro Housing Rooms handles your rental

Renting out student housing is a process that can be enormously dynamic, variable and sometimes also very complex. A student building can be a very attractive source of income, especially in a city like Maastricht! Unfortunately, we cannot forget that the process is very seasonal, with a huge bustle from early June to early October.

There is a lot involved in room rental, think of an extensive recording of the room and the rest of the house, advising the landlord, advertising the house to the right audience, processing all responses and questions, viewing, screening tenants and data and of course all aspects that are contractually discussed.

We are happy to take this process off your hands, so that you can focus on matters that matter to you.

The rental costs are € 495,- incl. 21% VAT.
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2. Management

In addition to the rental, you can also outsource the management of the rental property (s) to us. Our package with management activities consists of:

  • Technical management
  • Administrative management
  • Commercial management
  • Flexible management

Every landlord has his own wishes. His own approach and his own experience. Do not hesitate to make your fixed agreements with us regarding the entire approach to your portfolio. We are happy to make a customized package for you, ask for our room rental brochure without obligation!

For more information about our management activities, click here

Please contact us for more information

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